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1. The Meaning of Private Gifting

This form of gifting has existed for many years and is a concept that is practiced by private groups of people. It is usually not concerned with commercial activities or marketing.

In the process of private gifting, there aren’t any securities, business transactions or investments of any kind. Since it is not a business, there is therefor no company name, offices, directors or shareholders. People who have embraced the private sharing club offer support to each other in a team and help each other to change lives.

The gifting concept is focused on the fact that Canadians and Americans both have the right to gift money, property and any other assets according to their constitutions. However, these rights are all subject to the regulations and rules that have been established by the laws.

According to the law, one or more people can exchange gifts each of up to twelve thousand dollars per year without being liable to pay tax for it. This is because the tax that was to be paid for it has been paid already. In addition, such gifts are not added in the gross income of the person who receives the gift.

2. How Gift Sharing Started

This kind of gift giving is seen as an expression of one’s kindness. The governments have permitted private gift giving so as to allow people to share their property and wealth with either their friends or families. In addition, it has been a way through which individuals are able to bless each other on special occasions or when they need some help.

It is customary in many cultures that people give gifts to each other as a matter of course. For instance, Jewish, south Americans and Asians give gifts to people within their given cultures regularly in order for them to start a business or even buy a home. In return, those who have received gifts usually gift somebody else so as to improve their lives.

A good example of the practice of gifting is the Habitat for humanity where everybody takes part offering either their time, materials and talents to help build a home for another person. Each person tries their best to help in enhancing someone else’s life.

3. How the Gifting Works

The individuals involved in the act of private giving share the concept that when one gives, he or she shall in turn receive. The Bible even clearly states the Law reciprocity according to God’s command. It states that when you give, it shall also be given unto you.

The act of gifting is offered only by through a one on one exclusive invitation. After one has accepted this invitation, they then move from giving to the receiving of the gifts. In private gifting, there are no bias since there isn’t a fixed hierarchy that favors any of the parties involved.

Only individuals who are over eighteen years of age can participate in the private gifting group. The Private giving is not a company, business or investment this means that there isn’t any company that can possibly misplace or withhold their gifts. The group of individuals in the group are responsible for their own gifts and together they work towards the well being of the group.

These giving is similar to giving to charities. The only difference is that although the person starts out as a stranger, you will have the opportunity to get to know them and eventually become good friends.

Gifting is not a pyramid scheme. Usually, a pyramid scheme is associated with a business or company. Private gifting is not considered a company. In fact, it is just a Private sharing club. It does not have sales quotas or sale of positions. Here, everybody shares the same gifts and works together in the team and in turn receives the same gift.

4. Reasons for Participating in Method of Gifting

Gifting has changed and improved many people’s lives. It has saved many people from financial destruction. It has protected many people from the lose of their belongings such as cars and homes. In some cases, individuals have even been able to pay for their college education. Private gifting is therefor the quickest way to generate some money. Through private gifting, you will get to see the power of residual cash-flow.