Best Timeless Gifts to Give to Your Friends and Loved Ones

Shopping for items to give as gifts to your friends and family members can sometimes be a challenge. The reason why it can be stressful to shop for gift items is because you want to buy something that is not only presentable but something the recipient (s) of your gift(s) will cherish and appreciate. You do not want to buy anything that will end up in your friends’ or family’s attic or basement waiting to be discarded when you or your friends de-clutter that space in the house. There are people who do not like to go through this mental stress of figuring out what is the best gift for their recipients, they simply get gift cards of whatever monetary value they want to give to their friends or family members. The problems with gift cards are; (I) the recipient(s) of your gift card(s) may forget or may not have the time to go to the store that issued the gift card to redeem the gift. If the gift cards are not redeemed, though in your mind you have given presents to your recipients, but the actual recipients of your gifts are not the intended people but rather the retail stores that issued the gift cards. (ii) Another problem with gift cards is that they are not the best gift for all seasons and celebrations. You do not give gifts to your friends and family members only during the holiday season. You sometimes give presents to them during their birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. You also give presents to your colleagues who may either be retiring or relocating to another place. Gift cards may not always be the best gifts to give, presenting something more tangible to the recipient is sometimes preferable. The question then is; what is the best tangible present to give to someone? What you buy as a gift to give someone depends on your relationship to that person.

Best Timeless Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

  1. Jewelry set: – For a close friend or family member you can always give them gender specific items for example, jewelry set made from precious metals such as gold jewelry set, diamond jewelry set or silver jewelry set. Jewelry set you give to any woman in your life is a timeless and precious gift that will end up in her jewelry box rather than in her attic or basement. Most women wear every jewelry in their jewelry box at appropriate times and occasions. Each time they wear a jewelry they remember who it was that gave it to them and they are always appreciative and grateful to that person. This continual remembrance of the person who gave them such a precious gift increases and deepens the bond between them and the person. If you have given jewelry set as a present to the woman in your life and you do not want to give her another jewelry set or you simply cannot afford such gift now you can get her something nice and less expensive, such as a good jewelry box in which to store the jewelry she has already. Alternatively you can get her a nice cosmetic train case which she can use to store her cosmetics and have a tidy and neat space in her bathroom rather than clutter her bathroom space with her assorted make-ups.
  1. Handbags: – No woman ever has enough handbags, take a peek into the wardrobe of the woman in your life to see the predominant color of her clothes, then get her a nice fashion handbag as an accessory to compliment her fashion clothes. A nice designer handbag will put a big smile on any woman’s face and earn you the giver a memorable hug and a lasting appreciation.
  1. Clothing: – Clothing can be a tricky gift to give to any woman unless you know her favorite color, style, brand and size. If you are not quite sure the type of clothing to buy for her, get her something generic such as a poncho as your way of telling her to keep warm during the cold season. Every woman will jump at a nice warm soft cozy poncho as she can wear it anytime to any place during the cold season.

Best timeless Gifts for the Man in Your life

Finding a good gift to give the man in your life can equally be very challenging. Often the gifts most men receive during the holiday season is either an electronic device that fuel their addiction to electronics or a DIY kit for men who love handy work.

  1. Nice Winter Accessories: – If your man works outside the house during the cold season, be sure he is well protected from the elements, in addition to the DIY kit, give him a good nice warm convertible mitten which he can wear to keep his hands warm while doing his work. You can also add a nice warm trapper hat so he can keep his head warm “in style” while working under the cold weather. You may also think of getting him a nice warm winter jacket he can wear while at work.
  1. Men’s Nice Dressing Accessories:- If you r man likes to dress well and look good get him very nice “solid neck ties” (do not go for cheap neck ties otherwise they may end up in the basement or attic.) Men never have enough of good neckties. You can also give assorted set of cufflinks. He will surely smile at a nice set of diamond or golden cufflinks. If he is a pious or religious type you can get him assorted set of cufflinks with faith based themes. Probably he will not frown at a nice pair of suede men’s shoes.

Gender neutral Gifts to Give to Your Friends and Loved Ones

There are gifts that are gender neutral which you can give as presents to any of your friends and family members.

  1. Spa Sets: – During the holiday season you can give to any of your friends and family members a spa set. Holiday season is a time of rest and self pampering especially for people who have been working very hard all year long. The gift of spa set is your own way of saying to the recipient of your gift to relax, pamper his/herself and get rejuvenated for the coming year
  1. Throw Blankets: – You can give a soft warm cozy PlusheraTM blankets to any of your friends and family members as your way of telling them not only to keep warm during the cold season but to relax pamper themselves by snuggling into these soft cozy blankets. The beauty of giving this warm soft blanket as a gift to your loved one is that you can share this gift with him/her. Both you and your loved one can snuggle together in it while you watch your favorite TV shows. Snuggling into this soft cozy PlusheraTM blanket with your spouse or kids will deepen the bond of love between you and loved ones. Some of these throw blankets come as decorative blankets, you can give them as timeless gifts to your friends and colleagues.
  1. Kids Huggable Blankets: Rather than always buying play toys for your kids, get them cute soft and cuddly delightful faux plush animal huggable blankets as their birthday or Christmas present. This warm cozy huggable blanket will send them to sleep in no time, this will give you some chance to take care of your other responsibilities around the house without the deafening screams of your kids.
  1. Travel Accessories: – If any of your friends or family members is constantly on the road or in air planes on his/her way to business meetings or conferences, get him/her a nice travel or overnight bag or travel accessory such as VeluraTM travel set or VeluraTM travel quillow as your way of letting him/her know that you are with him/her in all his/her journeys. The VeluraTM travel set consists of a pillow for your loved one to cradle his/her neck, a plush eye mask with elastic band to fit comfortably around his/her head and a throw blanket to keep him/her warm. The VeluraTM travel quillow is a perfect travel blanket for any trip. It is an ideal blanket if you are travelling in a car or just in a coach or simply relaxing at home.
  1. Picnics/ Outdoor Waterproof Blankets: – You can always give a gift of picnic or outdoor water resistant blankets to your friends and family members who are sports and outdoor activity lovers. These multipurpose blankets are ideal for camping at the beach, at the park, beside the pool or watching your child’s tournament. Give these wind and water resistant blankets as gifts to your family members and friends as your own way of encouraging and supporting them in their outdoor activities

These are some of the timeless gifts you can give to any of your friends and loved ones and you will be sure they will appreciate them and will remain grateful to you.

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